CTGA Kodak Challenge

Our year-long CTGA Kodak Challenge begins with the first event following our last Fall Classic and concluding with the first round of our next Fall Classic.

Two (2) holes at each CTGA tournament (one on the front 9 and one on the back 9) are designated as our Kodak Challenge holes and will be announced prior to that event.

One dollar ($1.00) from each player’s entry fee at all events will be committed to our ongoing Kodak Challenge player pool for our year-end payout.

In concert with the PGA Kodak Challenge, we look for our version of this competition to build the same excitement and anticipation throughout the season as Members step up to each Kodak Challenge hole to compete for the title of KODAK CHAMPION.  No Member entry fee is required to participate in our Kodak Challenge.  All you have to do is play -- it's that simple.

Open to CTGA Members only, players must play in at least 9 of the scheduled tournaments to record scores for 18 Kodak Challenge holes.  Our competition will have both Gross and Net Division winners.  All Members will compete in both Divisions, but can place in only one.  A report will be generated and posted monthly showing where all Members stand with their Kodak Challenge scores relative to Par.

Each Member’s Kodak Challenge holes will be recorded throughout the year and the lowest Gross and Net scores relative to par on his/her best 18 holes will be counted. The player with the lowest aggregate 18 hole score relative to par will be declared our Kodak Challenge Champion.  In the event of a tie at the end of the season, a “one-hole sudden death playoff” will be played at the next scheduled CTGA tournament that both/all players play to determine the outright winner.

Kodak Challenge holes at each event are selected based on a mixture of Par 3, 4 and 5 holes that bring differing skill requirements for distance, difficulty and putting.